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Pick up and drop off is located curbside at 170 Ash Street in Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach, FL, adjacent from City Hall and across from the Hampton Inn & Suites.  Look for our 'HISTORIC TOUR STOP' sign.

Amelia Island is full of rich, deep history. We take you on a journey from the time the Timucua Indians inhabited this area into to the modern day shrimping industry.  Get to know when each of the eight flags dominated the island, and discover some very interesting characters that paved the way.  You'll be driven around in comfort to all the most historic areas of the island so that you can see where all this exciting history took place.  The story is incredible and we can't wait to share it with you.

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History on Amelia Island

Learn the stories of Amelia Island and the Eight Flags that have flown over this historical land.  Known as the ‘Isle of Eight Flags’, Amelia Island has been claimed under eight different entities since the first flag was flown back in 1562 by the French.  The Timucuan Indians, the Island’s original inhabitants, called it Napoyca and were resident here since at least 1000 B.C.  It’s also the birthplace of the modern shrimping industry, as well as the first railroad to connect the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.  There are tales of bloody massacres between the early settlers, including fraud and deception to possess and occupy the land, as well as the love and comradery between the long-time residents and those seeking to call the new world home.  Amelia Island continues to draw in people to share in her beauty of the past and present.  The story of Amelia Island will unfold before you with interesting facts, unusual tales, and the incredible history it shares along with the nearby barrier islands.  Take a ride with Amelia Island Historic Tours.  Come see what you’ve missed.


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